Martell Innovation continues to provide
strategic and advisory services to a
Managing Director of JLL, a
commercial real estate management

As part of Maxine Martell's continuing
commitment to support and nurture
entrepreneurship, particularly women's
entrepreneurship, Martell Innovation
organized the first South Florida  
Women's Entrepreneurship and
Leadership event
, which brought
together women entrepreneurs,
bankers and investors, providers of
professional services, and economic
development leaders.

This has evolved into her creating
Women Leaders Connect, a
that promotes business
development among female senior

Martell Innovation assisted the
Wharton Club of South Florida with
its Entrepreneur of the Year event
honoring Dan Cane, founder and CEO
of Modernizing Medicine.

In keeping with her lifelong interest in
healthcare technology and life
sciences innovation, Martell Innovation
organized and moderated the sold-out

Wharton event "The Business of
Healthcare in South Florida:
Innovation, Opportunities, and
. Previously, while serving
on the Board of the MIT Enterprise
Forum of NYC, she organized a sold-
out conference  on emerging
opportunities and challenges in
healthcare due to regulatory changes.

What We Do

Embrace the Future to Win

Martell Innovation helps organizations
to look beyond their core businesses
in order to identify new revenue
opportunities. They can be based on
new markets, emerging trends, or new
technologies. New revenue streams
can also spring from partnerships,
alliances, or investment.

The firm offers strategic planning,
tactical planning, promotional
marketing, brand development, market
research and analysis, business
development, and other advisory

For emerging ventures, it includes
identifying potential strategic
partnerships and strategies for raising
capital, as well as identifying new
business opportunities.

For larger organizations, it includes
coordinating innovation and
entrepreneurship across the entity,
and identifying smaller ventures for
potential partnerships or investment.

For non-profit entities, it includes new
programs and new strategies to
access corporate foundations, family
foundations, individual donors, and
government grants.

By embracing the future, entities can
ensure their sustainability and growth.
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Martell Innovation
Embrace the Future to Win