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Martell Innovation
Maxine Martell
Founder and CEO
Forecasting the Future: Opportunity

As an innovation, strategy, marketing, brand
management, and PR expert, Maxine holds sold-
out forums and events on emerging areas of

Martell Innovation organized and led the first
South Florida Women's Entrepreneurship and
Leadership event. Using a new exciting
interactive format, the sold-out event promoted
business development among women
entrepreneurs, bankers and investors,
providers of professional services in South
Florida to promote business development.

Maxine Martell's longtime focus on healthcare
innovation led to Martell Innovation organizing
and Maxine Martell moderating the sold-out
Wharton event “The Business of Healthcare in
South Florida: Innovation, Opportunities, and
Martell Innovation organized and hosted a
successful Wharton Club of South Florida event
“U.S.-Brazil/Brazil-U.S. Business: Cross-Border
Operational Challenges and Sales

During her seven years serving as a Board
Member of the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC,
she held several events as a futurist.

Her firm's last event for the MITEF foresaw what
a decade later continues to be an area of
opportunity and challenges - “The Healthcare
Information Technology Revolution: The Next
Gold Mine for VCs, Software Developers, and
Consultants - But Will It Be Heaven or Hell for
Hospitals, Physicians, Employers, Insurance
Companies, and Patients?”.

The event “High Tech, Future Fun” focused on
the Lego Mindstorm robot then in development
and on animation in which characters decided
the plot.

Her firm's event “Broadband: The Holy Grail”
forecast how digital video would become a
transformational online technology.

About Us
Who We Are

Martell Innovation helps companies to
identify and monetize new opportunities.
The company has provided strategic,
business development, marketing, and
other advisory services to diverse clients.

What makes Maxine Martell, the founder,
uniquely qualified to do this? Her extensive
experience working in a broad range of
industries. Her special expertise launching
and marketing digital information services
that use new software and technology. Her
leadership roles in a wide range of
companies, from Fortune 500 companies
to new ventures. The skills she gained
while obtaining a Wharton MBA and JD.
Senior Marketing, Brand Management, PR,
and Strategy executive. Founder and
leader of new ventures. Advisor to top
corporate executives and entrepreneurs.
Board Member. Executive Director of non-
profit organizations.
Embrace the Future to Win
A Few of Maxine Martell's

She built a reputation as a pioneer in
launching and marketing new digital
information services. As General Manager
of VPS, a joint venture with NBC, she
launched and marketed PFN, the first
broadcast video business news network
delivered on PCs. She changed how the
financial services industry operated, when
she successfully spearheaded
development of the first online service
offered by a full-service financial services
firm. She served as the Chief Marketing
Officer for an early online platform to bring
investors and entrepreneurs together, a
concept that later became crowdfunding.

As an innovator, she raised capital for an
early wearable technology company. She
promoted a leading-edge
gesture-recognition technology, now a
critical part of digital gaming. She has
nurtured and supported entrepreneurship
throughout her career.

Having served in leadership roles, she
used her experience and skills while she
served on the Boards of several non-profit
organizations. Passionate about digital
communication, she served for five years
on the Board of South Florida PBS (then
WPBT2). To promote economic
development and entrepreneurship, she
served for seven years on the Board of
the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC. She
continues to serve as an Officer of the
Wharton Club of South Florida.