MIAMI, FL, Feb. 15, 2013 – Martell Innovation, an innovation strategy and planning
consulting firm, organized last week’s event held by the Wharton Club of South Florida
on U.S.-Brazil cross-border operational challenges and sales opportunities.

Over 100 executives, community leaders, and entrepreneurs gathered to hear
presentations by South Florida based senior executives from some of the largest global
U.S. companies and global Brazilian companies.

The sponsors for the event were American Airlines, Inc., Giraffas, and The University of
Miami Life Science & Technology Park, a Wexford Equities property. Special support
was provided by The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, The
Brazilian Consulate of Miami, and The Beacon Council.

“As Brazil’s wealth grows, its cross-border business with the U.S. will continue to
increase dramatically, particularly with South Florida,” said Maxine Martell, CEO of
Martell Innovation. “Brazil is already Southeast Florida’s largest trading partner.”

There were many insightful points made by the event’s speakers.

Art Torno, American Airlines’ Vice President - Mexico, Caribbean, and Latin America,
noted the important role that the World Cup and Olympics will play in Americans
learning about Brazil. He also pointed out that changes to the U.S. Visa requirements
for Brazilians will dramatically increase the already exploding tourism from Brazil and
number of people flying between the two countries, which American Airlines will be
ready to handle.

Alex Blochtein, President of Emerson Network Power Systems in CALA, identified the
potential challenge of obtaining labor in Brazil, and described how Emerson solved that
problem by using well thought-out local education and corporate training programs.

Mark Van Genderen, Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s Vice President and Managing
Director, Latin America, discussed establishing branding, noting how his company
succeeded in Brazil by quickly building media relationships and using an edgy ad

Luiz Silva, USA President of Saccaro, a Brazilian company with 70 stores in 25
countries, noted that the “grass is greener” in the U.S. when compared to the
bureaucracy in Brazil and its unpredictable laws for business. He stated that Saccaro’s
eco-friendly story helps U.S. sales.

João Barbosa, Chief Executive Officer of Giraffas USA, part of a Brazilian company with
nearly 400 locations in Brazil, said that while the bureaucracy was more predictable in
the U.S., variations among city requirements created challenges. He noted that most
businesses start in the Northern Hemisphere and then expand to the Southern
Hemisphere. He stated that Giraffas would be successful going in the other direction,
from Brazil to the U.S.


About Martell Innovation

Martell Innovation is an innovation strategy and planning consulting firm. The purpose
of the firm is to look beyond the client’s core business and identify new business
opportunities based on emerging technologies, new markets, and new trends. The firm
also provides services to obtain management and employee “buy-in”. By embracing the
future, the firm’s clients ensure their sustainability and growth.


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